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Join our Reseller Group,

and sell your own hosting.

Here are some of the


Pay for your own hosting with only one or two customers

This is your own business, you set your own prices, and keep all the profits

No extra fees, just your Monthly Service Charge covers everything

Hosting for you, and ALL your customers included

FREE basic hosting reseller site installed on your own URL

FULL support staff for all your questions and issues

ALL Reseller packages comes with all the options listed in our other packages plus:

FREE Client Management and Billing Software

FREE Site Building Tools and Templates

FREE Enom Domain Name Reseller Account



UNLIMITED Email Accounts




FREE Site Builder Software

PRIVATE Name Servers

FREE Billing Systems

FREE Domain Reseller Account

4,500 Free Website Templates

22+ Languages Available

And Much More!

Why US?

Here at DGU Hosting, we strive for the best in customer care. As the owner, I can tell you that I have been in the networking and computer service before the Internet even started. Before The Internet? Yes, that is correct. I had a chain of computers and Networks setup to cover the state of Florida. People where paying ME monthly to log on, play games, join forums, chat, and other assorted services. Heck, I was the “Internet.”

We are a group of professionals that care about you, and your needs. We keep all our software and security updated, and offer a 99.9% uptime. The server that the reseller accounts are on have been field tested, updated, and has zero downtime since setting it up. We offer the best prices around, and have always been number one in customer care. If you have any questions about our services, please feel free to contact us at anytime, thank you.

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We can set you up a custom package, but here are our pre set Reseller Packages

100 Gigs – 1000 Bandwidth $20

1000 Gigs – 8000 Bandwidth $30

Competitor 1

50 Gigs – 500 Bandwidth $24

80 Gigs – 700 Bandwidth $34

120 Gigs – 1000 Bandwidth $50

Competitor 2

50 Gigs – 500 Bandwidth $20

80 Gigs – 700 Bandwidth $34

200 Gigs – 1400 Bandwidth $100

Competitor 3

1 Gig – 1000 Bandwidth $40

4 Gigs – 4000 Bandwidth $80


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